The Designer

Lloyd Sigler has been an award-winning designer for over 30 years. As president and creative director of SiglerGroup, Inc. he has worked in a wide variety of design disciplines including graphic, package, advertising and architecture.

His client base has included national and multinational corporations including Kyocera, Canon, Bank of America and others, as well as smaller regional clients.

He was the director of the Design Program at Brooks Institute where he developed the curriculum for the multidisciplinary BFA design program, implemented the program from the ground up, oversaw the day-to-day operation and taught many of the courses.

As an early adopter of computer technology in the design field, he has been re-exploring the role of traditional craft in the creation of art, design and, more specifically, furniture design and production within the United States.

While modern mass production technology allows for the rapid development of ‘stuff’, he is concerned with the long-term ramifications of a consumption society where purchases are driven by the latest superficial fad or trend. A scenario in which all of this ‘stuff’ quickly ends up in landfill only to be replaced by more ‘stuff’... an endless cycle of waste.

With Lloyd Sigler Design he has created a business model based on true value for the consumer with well designed and crafted products that transcend fads and offer long-lasting quality, functionality and beauty.



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