The Company

Located in the beautiful foothills of California’s South Coast, Lloyd Sigler Design creates some of the most unique and beautiful furniture available anywhere.

Specializing in what the designer calls ‘New-Century Modern Furniture’… it embraces many of the aesthetic and functional aspects of Mid-Century Modern design while adding a new appreciation for craft, natural materials, sustainability, durability, and long-term value that was missing in Mid-Century Modern manufacturing.

Building on design principles that reject frivolous decoration for the sake of decoration, Lloyd Sigler Design instead focuses on the overall design to achieve a well-proportioned, clean and beautifully functional piece of furniture that also makes a bold design statement.

Our goal has been to remove the ‘factory’ and ‘manufactured’ from the whole equation. And instead, create furniture that is as much art as it is functional. Furniture that is authentic and totally unique instead of mass-produced.

As Extraordinary Inside as They Are Outside

Because of the time-consuming process of handcrafted creation, no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Each showcases the unique grains and patterns of the hardwood, and handcrafted joinery gives life to the whole while infusing each with a unique personality that some have even called a ‘soul’.

We use only hand-selected, solid hardwoods. No hidden particle board filler, no plywood, and no paper-thin veneers… just beautiful solid hardwood for lasting beauty.

Ecologically Sound Furniture

It may be surprising to know that hardwood forests in North America are actually increasing in size by 40 million cubic meters per year after harvesting. In fact, since 1953, the amount of hardwood growing stock in U.S. forests has increased 97.8 percent.* When you realize that quality, solid hardwood furniture is designed to last for generations—instead of a few years for the typical mass produced ‘stuff’—the real essence of eco-friendly becomes apparent! Plus, we create our furniture close by on California’s South Coast. So, your new tables don’t ship halfway around the globe!

Beautifully Safe Finishes

Our finishes are equally beautiful with environmentally responsible, low VOC water-borne finishes, as well as available traditional hand-applied Danish oil, tung oil, natural shellac and oil-based urethanes.

We use glues which are water-based and FDA approved for indirect food contact. And, when needed, we color our woods using low VOC waterborne dyes and stains.

Heirloom Quality for Generations of Enjoyment.

Finally, in today’s world where manufacturers want you to throw out yesterday’s purchase to drive tomorrow’s profits, we design and craft each piece to become a family heirloom passed from generation to generation. In fact, each piece we create is numbered, signed and dated.

Uncompromising design and handcrafted quality made in California. All at very attractive prices… Lloyd Sigler Design.



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